Attention: non-medical students, non-PGY1 

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Welcome to the
Yale Anesthesia Rotation

Please read this entire page for important information regarding your rotation. You can reach the Resident Medical Student coordinators  at anytime on our cell phones or at this email: [email protected]

Contact phone numbers 


Each day, you will be in a different operating room with an anesthesia resident and anesthesia attending for one or more surgical cases. To learn how to find your daily assignment in EPIC see "Where am I supposed to be today?"   Make sure you read about your patients by clicking on the case in EPIC.


Whether you are a budding anesthesiologist or simply passing through for the next few weeks, the field of anesthesia has several tenets that will be applicable to whatever field of medicine you pursue. Here are a few:
Airway anatomy and management: mask ventilation and endotracheal intubation (NEJM video orotracheal intubation)
How to obtain peripheral venous access (Place IVs) (NEJM video PIV)
Fluid management
Ventilator modes and management
Basic pharmacology, especially vasoactive medications
Basic cardiac and pulmonary physiology  

Daily flow

Please look up your cases on EPIC the evening before and have an idea of who your patients are ("Where am I supposed to be?").

Read over the material assigned for a specific date (Coming someday!) 

You are expected to arrive 1 hour prior to the start time listed on EPIC for your first case and make contact with your resident at that time either in pre-op or in the OR room. Please remember to introduce yourself to not just your resident, but your attending and the patients as well. Your resident/attending will dismiss you at the end of the day.


Please join the CA-1 residents for their lecture, held on Wednesday afternoons from 4:30-5:30 pm in the TMP library. Of note these lectures are now held via Zoom and schedules are subject to change. The zoom ID will be emailed to  you Tuesday night.

Grandrounds are held on Friday morning 7am.  There are no grand rounds in the summer months. The zoom ID for grand rounds is 203 737 8364


You should never directly change the anesthetic management of a patient without express permission and direct supervision from your resident/fellow/attending. This includes alterations in ventilator settings, administration of medications, changing of pump settings or inhalation agents. Our profession and our patients demand excellence in every aspect of their care. This includes knowing when you are not qualified to make independent decisions about patient care. While your education is our goal, excellent, safe patient care will always be our most important mission. Please also be mindful of the OR workflow/sterile environment around you as anesthesiologists, surgeons, and nursing staff all share a limited working space. We encourage you to ask any questions that you have about the anesthetic management! You can always ask the resident/attending to do procedures such as intubations, IV placements, or other line placements. Sometimes, patients are non-ideal for learning how to do procedures on (such as a patient with an anticipated difficult airway, bad vasculature, or an anxious patient) -- please don't take it personally if an attending says no to you doing an intubation or an IV; subsequent patients may be more ideal candidates. Also feel free to let us know throughout the rotation if there are certain types of cases that you'd like more exposure to or if you haven't had the opportunity to practice certain basic procedures.

Also, please make sure that your scrub access is working prior to your first day!


Every day you should give your resident an “Anesthesia Student Evaluation Card” to fill out. The cards can be found in the control room/office located next to the Anesthesia Workroom in the South Pavilion ORs (South Pavilion, Third Floor). Please fill out your name. Your resident will turn in the cards for you. 

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Other information

If you are taking Step 2 or Step 3 during the rotation, please let us know and we will accommodate you. You must also notify both us ([email protected]) and Dr. Akhtar ([email protected]) prior to any anticipated absences. If you have already been assigned to OR cases please include that anesthesia team in notification as well. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us or Dr. Akhtar.

Again, welcome to the rotation, and please don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] or to any one of us individually if you have any questions or concerns! You will receive your OR assignment on the evening prior in a separate email. Please call/text us for any questions/concerns! 

Contact numbers and email