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8. Operating Room/Sterile Procedures / Procedural Areas:

a. During intubation and extubation, only essential staff shall be present in the room. All staff in the room are to wear a fit tested respirator or elastomeric and eye protection or PAPR during intubation/extubation.

b. Surgical masks (ASTM rated 2 or 3) or respirator (refer to Table 1) plus eye protection, gowns and gloves are to be worn by those at risk for splash exposure. Others who are away from the operative / procedural field and not at risk for splash exposure can wear other institution-provided face masks or respirators as indicated.

c. Elastomeric respirators with an exhalation valve are to be covered with a mask; surgical rated mask if at risk for splash.

d. If a PAPR is worn, a face mask is also to be worn under it.

e. Sterile gowns are not be used for non-sterile procedures, such as intubation and extubation.

f. If a patient’s COVID status is unknown and an urgent procedure cannot be delayed, follow COVID+/PUI guidance for PPE selection. The OR location for patient care is to be determined by the attending surgeon and anesthesiologist, with support from Infection Prevention, if requested.

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