Anesth Extern Designation Calendar

How to use the calendar (see below)

EacEach student rotating in the department of anesthesiology has an Anesthesia Extern Designation that you will find in the calendar below. Once you know your designation number (e.g, Anesth Ext 1, Anes Ext 2, Anes Ext 3...), look at the the EPIC status board for your assignment. Your AE number will not change during the course of your rotation.* If you do not see your name on the calendar, or there is any other problem please contact the resident coordinators. You can get their contact information here. *Occasionally an AE number may change during your rotation, but this is an exception and we will let you know.

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Anesthesia Extern Designation
(Anesth Ext or AE)

Your Anes Ext number is typically, but not always, associated with your learner status

Anes Ext 1 Medical Student
Anes Ext 2 Medical Student
Anes Ext 3 Medical Student
Anes Ext 4 Medical Student
Anes Ext 5 PGY1 (CA)
Anes Ext 6 PGY1 (CA)
Anes Ext 7 PGY1 (CA)
Anes Ext 8 SICU Fellow
Anes Ext 9 Fellow (other)
Anes Ext 10 ENT 
Anes Ext 11 ER Medicine
Anes Ext 12 OMF/Dental
Anes Ext 13 Paramedic
Anes Ext 14 CC transport
Anes Ext 15 Other 

Contact numbers