Where am I supposed to be today? 
(Yale Anesthesia Rotation) 

This site is for students, interns and others coming to the Yale Department of Anesthesiolgy for experience in the operating room

Where am I supposed to be today? 

Each Extern has an Anesthesia Extern (Anesth Ext) designation for their entire rotation.* Check the calendar to see your designation (listed as Anes Ext 1, Anes Ext 2, Anes Ext 3...).  Once you know you're AE designation, look at the EPIC Status board for your clinical assignment (an example of a case and assignment is pictured to the right - click image for detail )  

(you can see the monthly calendar and the  future calendar dates here)

If you can't find the location of your clinical assignment, report to the South Pavilion OR Anesthesia Office (3rd floor of the South Pavilion, YNHH, 20 York Street) by 6:30 am. The anesthesia secretary or another member of the department should be able to direct you. The phone number of this office is 203-688-2363, 7am-3pm most days. If there are any other difficulties you can reach the Resident Medical Student Coordinators by phone.
*occasionally your AE designation may change due to extern overlap. If there is a change, we will let you know. 

How do I get to the EPIC Status Board? 

What should I be reading today?

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If you need to contact someone about your rotation, here is a list of important email addresses and phone numbers 

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