Rules for Anesthesia Extern Assignments
In order to organize the many Anesthesia Externs we have assigned in the OR, there are some very general rules to be followed. 

- Patient safety always comes first. Anesthesia Externs should only participate in procedures and patient care when appropriate, and always under supervision 

 -No Anesthesia Extern should be assigned to a room without the An Ext designation appearing on EPIC

- Anesthesia Extern designation may be assigned to no more than 2 anesthetizing locations

- Medical Student, PGY1 and SRNA students have priority. In general, it is best practice that all other assignments be made after these assignments have appeared on EPIC

-In the course of the day, if the Anesthesia Extern is looking for additional opportunities, the coordinator or the in-room attending(s) can help them to find additional rooms. Ideally the An Ext designation should be added to EPIC. Because the EPIC snapboard can be “finicky” we will not make this a requirement at this time.

-All anesthetizing locations may be assigned. If the in-room staff has an objection (for example, a request case), but there are no other opportunities, the in-room should be directed to the appropriate coordinator, Will Rosenblatt (Anesthesia Extern Controller) or Dr. Banack.